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Control Data History
Charles Babbage Institute, Center for the history of information technology

Control Data
(historic entry at Wikipedia)

Control Data Museum in Waalsdorp (NL)

"Control Data" at Computer History Museum in Mountain View, Califormia

Tehuis voor Bejaarde Computers (NL)
(Home for old computers)

Cray / Cyber (division of Computer Museum Munich/DE)
On Saturdays Cyber computers are running.
It is possible to register and run programs yourself on a Cyber (NOS or NOS/VE).

Control Data Corporation — @ wikipedia

CDC 6000 Series @ wikipedia

CDC Cybers @ wikipedia

CDC-160A Manual
at "Antique Computers - Ed Thelen",
Facts and stories about Antique (lonesome) Computers.

Control Data Documents
(PDF files at BitSavers)

Cyber Compass Assembler Manual

Cray-Cyber - Control Data Corporation

CD 1604 - Control Data Corporation

PLATO — First CAI, running on CDC 1604A

CDC 6000 — 6-bit display code

The CDC 7600

The CDC 7600 @ wikipedia

The period 1974 - 1978 Punch Cards and 110 Baud


William Norris @ wikipedia


A Seymour Cray Talk @ Microsoft
(Very intersting commented Powerpoint presentation by Gordon Bell,
containing much about Control Data)

A Tribute to Seymour Cray
(by Charles W. Breckenridge)

CDC Mitarbeiter Seite CH, DE, AT
(Page for former employees of Control Data Switzerland, Germany and Austria,
with links to similar pages for France and USA)

Club des Anciens de Control Data France
(Page for former employees of Control Data France)

CDC Super Lunch (USA)
(Page for former employees Control Data in US and international)


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(British Telecom / entry may link to BT, Center for Desease Control, Central Data Control Ltd.)